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Zoom Talk by Brenda Gael Smith - Driven to Abstraction

This event takes place on 12th June 2021 from 10:30am to 12:30pm and will take place at a computer near you. It is a Guild event being organised by Region 10, .

Brenda creates textile works made from a rich palette of her hand-dyed fabrics complemented by intensive stitching. Much of her work is inspired by the colour and patterns of the natural world with a focus on her surroundings at the “other” Copacabana in Australia and her New Zealand homeland.

Using a process of abstraction, Brenda strives to capture the essence of her subjects in simplified form. Working improvisationally, she refines line, shape, colour and texture to evoke a sense of place, express an idea, highlight an issue or elicit an emotional response. Learn more about Brenda’s inspiration and process in this colourful lecture.