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R3 Challenge 2021 (#1)


Our current challenge - Stars. The closing date for this is 28th February and all you have to do is make a 9” block (PLUS ½" seam allowance) and photograph it. Not so fast…………..!! 

What we want is that your block should be of a star, any sort of star in any colour(s) but the background must be blue (any blue). When your block is finished, please send your picture to Kate at and we will then ‘stitch’ all the blocks into a virtual quilt – ready to be made into a real-life quilt when next we can all be together. 

If you notice your star appears to be distorted, the wrong way round, or blurry, please send a new (i.e. better) photo of your star. I'll swap it over on the webpage. It will really help if you quote the picture number as well, please! Thanks.